Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mignon Faget Jewelry

Mignon Faget is a jewelry designer from New Orleans. It is said that every lady from New Orleans owns at least one piece of Mignon Faget jewelry. My friend lived near New Orleans for a few years and starting acquiring some M.F. pieces, and she introduced me to M.F. I love crowns, fleur de lis, and New Orleans, so of course I love M.F. I have a few pieces and always love to see her new designs so that I can add a piece to my collection. My first piece was a sterling silver crown pendant. The pendant and chain only cost $100.00, but I have received more compliments on that piece of jewelry than any other piece of (expensive) jewelry that I own! Do you have any Mignon Faget?


  1. We are from NOLA originally so I have many pieces. The turtle ring and tulip set are my favorites. You are right though, every true NOLA lady has many many pieces in her collection.

  2. I do have Mignon Faget and LOVE all the pieces. Everytime I am in New Orleans I stop in to one of the stores. Fleur-de-Lis is my favorite but I also have a few of the Tulip pieces. They are wonderfully unique!