Sunday, October 11, 2009

MIA for a reason-Fall Festival

Last weekend was the Fall Festival at my son's elementary school. I chaired the crafts. We had three crafts-tie-dye t-shirts, pumpkin painting, and sand bottles. In addition to the crafts, we also had face painting, hair painting, 15 games, a moon bounce, a bake sale, a cake walk, pumpkins and mums for sale, lots of food, and the fire department. It was a pretty typical fall festival for a school, but a lot of work for the few of us who chaired committees. Between working full time, having a family, and the fall festival, I have fallen a little bit behind at home, and therefore no blogging!
I was incredibly apprehensive about the tie-dye shirts because I have never made a tie-dye shirt before. A friend suggested using a kit by Dharma Trading Company. You mix the dye and pour it into squeeze bottles. The kids wear gloves and squirt the shirts with the dye. Five moms met at my house one evening and rubber banded all of the shirts in advance. After the child is finished dying their shirt, you place it in a grocery bag, and they take the shirt home, leave it in the bag for 24 hours, and then rinse it, remove the rubber bands, and launder. The shirts look amazing, and the colors are so bright and vivid-not the pastel look that you normally see. I highly recommend their kit.

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