Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why would you take a $1,400 bag to the pool?

I was looking at some bags tonight on line, and I saw this Louis Vuitton Galliera GM. I started to laugh because it brought back a funny memory. We were staying at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach recently, and THREE women took this bag to the pool and used it as their handbag/pool tote. Kids were splashing, there was sunscreen and margaritas, and these $1,400 bags were just thrown on the ground and treated no better than a burlap bag. I love my handbags, and I am proud to carry them, but when I am on vacation at a beach resort I always pack a tote bag to take to the beach and pool.


  1. thanks so much for visiting, and posting my button! Good luck ~~

    xo Laura

  2. Seriously? They must have WAY too much $$! No way would I let a bag like that suffer the consequences of the beach/pool/ocean/whatever. That's what boat and totes were made for :)

  3. I'm hiding my face in shame because I am guilty, guilty, guilty. I have this bag and I brought it to the pool once - BUT, it was an unexpected trip and I didn't have my usual beat up beach tote in the car. Luckily I have never been to Palm Beach so it wasn't me that time!

    Your blog is really cute, I'm thinking of checking out your blog designer!