Monday, August 10, 2009

Land of Lulu

Anne Keenan Higgins makes a line of stationary called Land of Lulu. I have used a variety of her cards over the years. I normally have at least three sets of different Lulu cards at any time. I always get my envelopes printed with my return address so that the cards look more personalized. I used the cards with the lady and the baby carriage for my thank you notes when my son was born. That alone gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, but I really do like these cards.
Oh, I nearly checks are Land of Lulu also!


  1. I love the desk calendars that she designs too!

  2. I love the perpetual wall calendar to keep up with birthdays. I have framed several of her darling note cards. I have been a "Lulu" fan for so long and have all the spiral notebooks, also. Great post.