Friday, August 28, 2009

A Good Night

No pictures with this post...gasp!!! Tonight we had friends over for dinner. They have been our friends for a long time. My husband was friends with them before he and I met, and then the four of us became friends. The wife and I have never been BEST friends. I have tried. I don't know if it is the age difference or that she and I are just different people. The husband was my husband's best man. Another girlfriend of mine was my maid of honor. The wife hosted my baby shower with my maid of honor (five years after the wedding for those curious minds!). The husband and wife are my son's god parents. We actually have not seen a lot of them in the last two or three years and they live in the same neighborhood. They have two children who both became engaged this summer, so I sent them both gifts. I also offered to host engagement parties or anything else that they would like us to do. We were with them and two other couples two weekends ago at a function at our country club. Tonight they came over for dinner. I always get my hopes up that the closeness will continue. I am keeping my fingers crossed...

Have you had this experience?


  1. Yes, I have had that experience. You have to get to the moment when you realize that the closeness isn't going to come. When you love people that is a hard moment, to understand that others aren't as open. You are an absolute love and truly do not need anyone that doesn't fall all over themseleves to be your friend. For real and true girlfriend, it is what it is, let it go. Let her do the work to contact you. Focus on the lovley people in your life, as you already do, but block out the static of people like her. Love/friendship is majic when it is right. Most likely she is jelaous of you, srlsy, you are the whole package. Surely she is feeling inferior. Sending you lots of love! *Smooches*!

  2. Oh one of my husbands best friend has a wife that by all accounts - we should be the best of friends, as we have so very very very many things in common. But alas, it's just not to be. She's kinda restrained in a obvious way around me & I cannot figure out how to break the code to get her to not be so standoffish. Usually there is one conversation or one thing in common that when it gets brought up in conversation - then that's the thing that breaks the walls down & it's a great friendship..but not in this case. I keep trying though, but the novelty is wearing thin with me & I'm just learning to accept that she is not...well ...very friendly.